About Us


We are committed in rendering the supportive role to education system, through integrated diverse programme.


To create environment that is conducive to youth capacity building for the success of the community.



Siyatjheja Social Project (SSP) Objectives

1.To offer moral support to current learners by re-uniting and maintaining strong bond among former learners thereby bridging gap between generations.

 hosting of former learners reunion annual event

 Hosting of speech contests

 Establishment of a readers club

2.To transfer knowledge, skills and values to the young generation so that they become fully independent and responsible citizens.

 Organize session to offer career guidance, computer training and life skills

3. To assist redressing of various social challenges faced by the young generation i.e. unemployment, HIV/AIDS, poverty, crime, drug substance, teenage pregnancy etc.

 Establishment of a poverty relief programme.

 Establishment of safety programmes.

 Organize workshop/campaigns in respect of HIV/AIDS, drugs awareness

 Organize business seminars

 Displaying various current job opportunities available in the office.

4. To acquire essential resources and ensuring that they are appropriate, effectively and efficiently utilized.

5. To fore a link with other stakeholders of the same kind in promoting morals and Inter-relations.

6. To have a possible influence in the restoration and maintenance of extracurricular activities in schools

7. To recognized and appreciate the important role played by the educators in shaping the future of young generation

8. To enhance parental participation in school matters, and in effort to promote security and safe learning environment i.e. eradicating school violence

9. To take full responsibility with regard educational affairs by being part of the system that is inclusive