Get Involved

There are many different ways to support our work – from donating cash or time, to buying our promotional material i.e. t-shirts/caps etc. and or supporting our fundraising events/outreach programme such as Sport against Crime Awareness and Fun Run/ Heritage Day. In whichever way you get involved, know that you are making a valuable contribution to the community area that we are serving – as well as helping to support those who need knowledge pertaining different information.


Here are a few ideas:


 Make an immediate donation though cellphone banking/online banking – right here and right now – get our banking detail and donate for us to become a different maker.

 Help spread the message that Siyatjheja Social Project is everyone’s project that is there to assist communities under Dr. JS Moroka Municipality and also Thembisile Hani Local Municipality and the entire Nkangala District, by using the social networking on social media or like our Facebook fan page/twitter and share our stories.

 Buy one of our promotional clothing items, and wear them during occasional days at your work. Not only will you be helping to raise funds for us - you'll also help spread the word about our organisational brand and its services.

Fundraise for us - it's easy to set up a fundraising group page and encourage your friends to support your fundraising efforts;

 Access wifi-spot in our premises to reach information and assist us in securing sponsorship

 Assist with your academic knowledge as an Alumi, by joining our energetic team during our campaigns. i,e. Career Guidance, Health Awareness, Business Presentation Workshops even Computer Training Lessons.

 Join our sub-committee team and lead one of our program were you strength is..